November 2012

As featured in the Daily Mail

Just a day after my hernia operation,
I was back in the gym

Around 70,000 Britons have surgery for a hernia each year. Peter Norton, 42, a market analyst from Guildford, Surrey, underwent a new keyhole operation earlier this year.

Hernia Repair LondonMy health has always been good and I enjoy keeping fit with kickboxing, cycling and going to the gym.

But two years ago, I noticed a couple of small swellings either side of my groin, just above the crease where the top of my leg meets the body.

The one on the right was the size of half a golfball and I could push it back in; the one on the left was a couple of centimetres across.

They didn't hurt, so I didn't see my GP until eight months later when I went for a health MOT.

The GP said they were hernias, a weakness in the abdomen wall causing part of my internal tissue to bulge out.

He didn't say what might have caused it, but said they are very common in men.

He told me they'd need treating because they can get bigger and more uncomfortable.

'I left hospital two hours later and took painkillers that day,' said Peter They can also twist, so part of an organ or tissue gets trapped in the hernia if this happens, the blood supply gets cut off and you may need emergency surgery.

I didn't fancy that, so I asked to be referred for surgery.

In the meantime, I kept going to the gym and kickboxing, as I was told strengthening your abdominal muscles helps contain the hernia.

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