About Yuen Soon

Hernia Repair LondonMr Yuen Soon is a Consultant Laparoscopic and Oesophagogastric Surgeon renowned for his contributions in advanced, innovative and modern surgical techniques. He is a pioneer in developing and establishing new techniques in virtually scarless surgery (single port surgery). He is among an elite group of international surgeons to perform and publish a large series of these operations using these techniques. He is credited with publishing the world’s first virtually scarless Hernia repair series and report on radical gastrectomies (removal of the stomach) for cancer.

Mr Soon travels widely training senior surgeons on these advanced surgical techniques. He has so far lectured and performed live operative demonstrations in the Far East, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe.

After being trained in the West Midlands higher surgical rotation, he was appointed as a Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Surrey County Hospital where he performs complex oesophagogastric operations (gullet and stomach) combining it with his passion for innovative surgical techniques. In addition, Mr Soon is renowned for single port surgery, complex cancer and benign upper GI surgery (including reflux, complex recurrent hiatus hernia surgery and oeosphageal emergencies).

Clinical interests

Keyhole/laparoscopic surgery including single port surgery
Hernia, gallstone and reflux surgery
Oesophago-gastric surgery (benign, reflux, disorders of swallowing and cancer)
Oesophageal physiology studies

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