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Is LESS safe?

LESS procedures are similar to customary multi keyhole operations, except surgeons are trained to enter via one small keyhole, instead of three or four as commonly used in conventional Hernia and Gallbladder surgery. This hole often is hidden within the belly button (umbilicus) and can measure only 1.5-2.5cm. If patients are not suitable for LESS scar surgery, patients are assured that the surgeon can add keyholes to return to traditional keyhole methods.

Is LESS better than conventional hernia repair?

The LESS Scar clinic consultants pioneered and perfected the LESS hernia repair. The team has safely and successfully perfomed in excess of 700 LESS procedures of which 300 are in hernia repair.

Our Results

An audit of the first patients revealed LESS patients have fewer recurrences, reduced pain, return to work and resume normal activities of daily living quicker. In addition, patients are encouraged to exercise and lift as early as possible or as pain allows.

55% of our patients take less than 1 day of painkillers. The majority of our patients return to normal activity within 3-7 days with 7% returning to work in 1-2 days and 47% returning to work within the week. Some patients return to the gym within a day of surgery. Click here for more detailed evidence.

Compared to the European data whereby patients on average returned to normal activities of daily living in 7-14 days and had a 2.3% recurrence rate.

For further information please see our research page.

In gallbladder surgery the current evidence is that the surgery is as safe as conventional keyhole surgery with the added advantage of improved cosmesis as the incision can be hidden in the umbilicus. The completed research trials show an improvement in pain, cosmesis and decreased wound/incisional hernia rates.

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