Less Scar Clinic

The LESS Scar Clinic is a group of specialist consultants who perform advanced keyhole surgery. Our specialist consultants use virtually scar-LESS (single port surgery) techniques for:

  • Hernia Surgery London Hernia Repair London Hernia Surgery London Hernia Repair London
    Our single port surgery is the latest development in keyhole surgery with very low risk and excellent results
    Gallbladder and Gallstone Surgery
  • Hernia Repair Surgery
  • Appendicectomy

What is LESS?

LESS is Laparo Endoscopic Single Site (single port surgery) technique developed to reduce scarring and trauma to patients. In essence LESS is a new keyhole technique that allows the surgeon to carry out normal keyhole operations through a single incision typically through the belly button. This results in scarless surgery as the scar is hidden in the belly button. Research suggests the majority of patients will have LESS pain from the procedure and in hernia surgery, patients can safely exercise, lift and return to work immediately as patients feel fit quicker than traditional hernia repair.

The LESS technique has been used for nearly every keyhole operation imaginable safely. The LESS scar clinic surgeons are highly experienced surgeons who pioneered LESS surgery and teach internationally. Our consultants in their NHS practices have performed:

  • Cancer and Benign Upper GI Surgery
  • Stomach and Oesophageal Surgery including Reflux and Bravo testing.
  • Liver Surgery
  • Pancreas Surgery
LESS scar clinic is now able to offer hernia and gallbladder safely in the modern and comfortable surroundings of The Weymouth (Harley Street, London), The Albyn (Aberdeen) and Mount Alvernia (Guildford) BMI hospitals.

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